My name is Nathan Fertig. I was born in Los Angeles, California, raised in rural Ohio and now live in Nashville, Tennessee with beautiful wife of 5 years, Emily. Together we started a band called SHINEBRIGHT where she sings and I play guitar. Our band is signed to Tooth & Nail/ BEC Recordings and it’s been the ride of our lives.

I went to college at the University of Akron and have learned so much from traveling the world and working with many different clients. My unique life experience has led to me working with churches, lawyers, businesses and many different parts of the music industry. I am always looking to learn new and better ways to build and design. Because of my passion for learning, I have become proficient in print design, motion graphics, web design / development, video editing and photography. Working from the road has given me an edge to keep up on the latest development trends, specializing in mobile responsive design. I love what I do! Thanks for taking to check out my site - I’m always looking for new and interesting projects. If you would like to learn more or start a new project please contact me here.